Children of the Desert


Born in the harsh beauty of the desert, Namibians learn patience,  endurance and  creativity.

 Nice (pronounced like niece) is a culinary school restaurant in downtown Windhoek.  The tourist industry is an important part of Namibian economy and Nice provides training in every aspect of the restaurant business.

sign with desert

The photographs publicizing Nice were taken in the Namib Desert, the birthplace of its human children.  We walked over to Nice yesterday evening for a gourmet meal.  It’s as though the sun heat of the desert is  transformed into  a sparkle of light, color, and rich fresh food.


Heather, Nice

Student chefs prepare appetizers, salads, soups, entrees, deserts, a full menu of wine, beer, and cocktails.  In addition there is a separate menu for sushi – page after page of beautiful choices.

The ambiance is elegant and beautiful.  Heather stands at the entry way to the restaurant.  Our table was in an enclosed patio with trees and plants growing.

tree at Nice


I was attempting a selfie with Heather and I toasting, when another guest offered to take our photo.  Ha, ha, we were dizzy with delight!


I had the most refreshing mojito, perfect for a warm night, icy cold with hints of mint and citrus.  Heather enjoyed a gin and tonic with her sirloin steak.  Cattle farming is a traditional business in Namibia, but the beef is not full of hormones and antibiotics as in the US.   Nice offers gemsbock (or oryx) with cherry sauce as an entree also, and sometimes kudu, as well as delicious fish, salmon and hake. I had Moroccan prepared lamb shank with apricot couscous and cauliflower.  No dessert this time.  We were too stuffed!  Because everything was so….

red Nice sign

We leave for the coast tomorrow, Monday, to meet up with Frikkie who as already told us there will be surprises added to the itinerary.  Stay tuned for the adventure.