The Bushmen, also known as the San, which means “The People,” are direct descendants of the oldest human culture.  I had the honor of meeting a number of the Bushmen, some of whom work at Harnas, others who live in cardboard shacks at the side of the road.  In God is a Lion I explore their culture, history, and stories.  Their languages, known as the Click languages, are the most linguistically complex language on the face of the earth. They suffer the same fate as indigenous peoples around the world – marginalized and impoverished, the wisdom of their ancient culture fading away.

The San, The People

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    Harnas has a preschool for Bushman children called Cheeky Cheetah
  • TractorSlider
    My friend Whiskey drives a Harnas tractor
  • bboyslider
    Young Bushman boy in the Harnas chapel
  • boySlider
    Young Bushman girl in the Harnas chapel
  • babySlider
    Several Bushman women cuddle a baby in the Harnas chapel
  • VillageSlider
    Homeless Bushmen create a road side village out of tin and cardboard
  • young homelessSlider
    A young woman and her child who live in the Bushman village
  • NecklacesSlider
    These Bushmen hope to sell necklaces they made by hand with beads and bits of ostrich shell.