Women’s Wisdom Art

I spent over ten years working directly with homeless woman in the decades of the 1980’s and 1990’s and am currently serving as chair of the WWA Board.  Those years of my life were privileged ones – it was an honor to get to know so many women struggling with poverty and homelessness.  I founded Women’s Wisdom Art in 1991 to provide women with empowerment and healing through participation in the arts.  In God is a Lion
I explore in depth the phenomenon of Wisdom in terms of in depth soul experience.  Here are a variety of images of the art created by the Wisdom Artists over the past 25 years.
Visit womenswisdomart.org to learn more about the organization.

Art by the Wisdom Artists

  • mystical faceSLIDER
  • klimt likeSLIDER
  • Joyces lionSLIDER
  • fire womanSLIDER
  • consueloSLIDER copy
  • consueloSLIDERcopy
  • clown faceSLIDER
  • green cloakSLIDER
  • art showSLIDER
  • beeSLIDER
  • class 1SLIDER
  • class 2SLIDER
  • dayleneSLIDER
  • RubyTolsonSlider
  • Wisdom quiltSLIDER1
  • wispySlider1