I had the privilege of spending three months with real, breathing lions who live under the protection of Harnas.  I wrote the initial draft of God is a Lion by hand in the presence of Zion and Trust, brother lions.  I returned the following year to edit the manuscript and did that sitting next to them also.  The book describes my lifelong, transformative journey to understand the mysterious bond with the Lion I’ve had since early childhood.  I took all of these photos of the Harnas lions.

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The Harnas Lions

  • MachoSlider
    Macho, senior Alpha Lion of Harnas, 2014
  • ZionTrustSlider
    Zion and Trust, my Muses, 2013
  • regal profileSlider
    Trust in regal profile, 2013
  • vivSlider
    Viv, 2013 posing for the Akeru photo (used as page divider in the book)
  • LionessSlider
    Lionesses Queenie and Princess, members of Macho’s pride, 2013
  • shilohSlider
    Shiloh ponders world problems, 2013
  • SleepingSlider
    Zion and Trust sacked out in the late afternoon sun, 2013
  • InquiringSlider
    Zion poses a question to us, 2014
  • BreakfastSlider
    Marta enjoys her breakfast
  • EyeSlider
    Trust has his eye on you, 2013
  • earSlider
    Zion listens carefully to everything, 2013