Collage Poems

Throughout God is a Lion I address the meaning and power of poetry.  During the last twenty years I created handmade books of my own poetry and pieced together collages which give a visual dimension to the words.  In 2013 and 2014, as I worked on God is a Lion, I reached a deeper understanding how the use of language in poetry creates an opening into the numinous presence of the real world.  Sometime over the next two years I plan to put together another book which will include poems and collages and make it available to you through the website.  I will keep you posted.

RilkeFor R.M. Rilke

What shall we say to each other
having come out through
the back door
        of unloved?

You laugh because
    we are freer
than those who were
    loved and

not so careless –
    much as beggars
    cherish match flames
   cup light in
    chalice corners
        of the heart’s night.

first communionsfrom First Communions

the old priest’s hand  damp   shaking
tries to avoid touching the lips of the children
he nudges the dry wafers onto their tongues
but they taste his   quivering chill
how the papery bread clings
    to the roofs of their mouths
like a god frightened of
    how holy they are
        wild and alive
      god swallowing god whole
    down he slides into the
sweet  moist   dark   their mothers made.

snowfrom The Four Cornered Heart

the fall of wind blowing the only conversation
overheard by beasts curled
in their birth nest of dreams
shadow grey rabbit hushes to snow…

the winter savior moves
with a frost of grace
blesses with ice white
all that hides beneath in
your  four cornered heart.

freizefrom Freize, Apotropaic

across the pediment’s center a chiseled
lioness stretches
jaws clamped on the cow’s haunch under her
    (bovine knees bending
     heart bending in
                 moon sacrifice

    arched above the cow’s head
    seven carved teats
    hang from the
    belly of the lioness

        one nipple

from this lit stone’s milk
that violent grace we are mothered by….

hosanna-1from Ancient Hosanna Wheel

    tender   color

an     ancient

hosanna    wheel



what my mother
This collage accompanies the poem, “What My Mother Knew,” which can be found on page 113 of God is a Lion.
blood honey-1
The title page of a collection of poems entitled Blood Honey