The Land of Soul Space

We are so busy right now getting ready for the journey – a million details to attend to.  However, once we arrive in Namibia we will be in the Land of Soul Space.

Namibian-mapNamibia is on the west coast of Africa, just above South Africa. it is named after the Namib Desert which is the oldest desert in the world.  The Kalahari Desert bridges between Namibia and Botswana on the east. There is one major city, the capitol, Windhoek, which means “windy corner.”  There are vast spaces throughout the country where there is only sky and land for miles and miles.








I took the above photo as were traveling down one of the few main roads which runs down the center of the country.

ever see one of these in California?

Now here’s a sign you won’t see in the United States.  Yes, there are warthogs who roam at the side of the highway.  We saw them a number of times, but whenever we stopped, they ran quickly away, their tails pointing straight up. 

DSC_0880miles and miles of grasslands and desert…






Etosha thunder

we took photos of this thunderstorm as we drove down the Namibian highway, the whole wide horizon  filled with thunderheads, nothing but sky….



grass sketches 1

A whole day goes by and the only  sound you hear is   

wind sketching poems  with the dry grass…….  






We found this rock in the big middle of nowhere – not another human being in sight…

next time you hear from me, we will be there!